Mar 2010
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Yvonne is featured in this month issue of Shape Magazine talking about her workout routine to get a really great shaped body.

The Best Celebrity Workout

The number-one fitness craze in Tinseltown doesn’t involve a ballet barre, pole, or single om. Across Los Angeles, celebrities like Yvonne Strahovski are doing sports-inspired workouts such as this one, designed by Yvonne’s Beverly Hills trainer, Michelle Lovitt. “Athletes don’t just use dumbbells—they incorporate gear like kettlebells and sandbags into their routines too,” says Michelle, who also trains Courteney Cox. “Your muscles have to work harder to stabilize these tools, which can help you see results faster.” And when you’re shaping up for a role, quick is key. Yvonne’s sexy, toned body should provide just the motivation you need to start sculpting like a star today. It’s the perfect celebrity workout to get your in fabulous shape.

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Mar 2010
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Yvonne attended the E! Oscar viewing and after party at Drai’s Hollywood on Sunday and she looked amazing. Photos are up in the gallery!

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Mar 2010
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… But Is Anyone Watching?

You ever wake up in the morning (no, not feeling like P. Diddy) and find out you have a shit load of government secrets in your head? No? Well, that’s the premise of Chuck, a show about a tech geek working at a Best Buy-esque store who gets an imprint of government secrets (called the Intersect) in his brain. Currently in season 3, the show has been a roller coaster ride from start to end, and it keeps getting stronger. Featuring plenty of memorable guest stars (Rachel Bilson in season 1 being my personal favorite), as well as a strong overarching story (can Chuck get this Intersect out of his head and become a normal person again?), the show strives to be quality television without resorting to any cheap gimmicks (as much as I love you, LOST, Chuck needs no time traveling to reinvigorate its premise). The show mixes a great dose of comedy (both from the main cast and the supporting characters) with some surprisingly good action and a lot of heart.

In fact, that’s what puts Chuck above every other show on TV: it treats its characters with sensitivity and a sense of reality that makes you care for Chuck (Zachary Levi), Sarah (the gorgeous Yvonne Strahovski), Casey (Adam Baldwin), and the rest of the cast. The relationship between Chuck and Sarah is especially interesting, as the writers have been toying around with the day of them being together from the start, yet it doesn’t grow stale (Friends should have followed this path with Ross and Rachel) or unbelievable. Their relationship is a mixture of sexual tension, comedy, and love; it’s weird to say that about a spy show, but the two characters truly show care for each other. Props go out to whoever did casting, for every single main cast member is perfect in their role: the aforementioned three get the most screen time, but the supporting cast members provide their own doses of humor or drama (standout: Scott Krinsky as Jeff Barnes, the creepiest character I have ever seen, although in a relatively harmless way). As unrealistic as the premise of the show is, the cast does an excellent job of grounding it, and at this point, I’m more interested in where the relationships between characters go than finding out if Chuck will ever get the damn Intersect out of his head.

Chuck has been a hit with critics (TV IGN consistently gives scores of 8.5 and above to each episode, and Metacritic scores for the show have been in the 70’s, surprisingly high for a TV show), and has developed a strong cult following, yet it is always in danger of cancellation. Fans founded a “Save Chuck” campaign just to get a third season off the ground (NBC ordered 13 episodes, then upgraded it to 19), and it seems that ratings are still low, putting a fourth season in question. Why is it that Chuck is the best show nobody’s watching? Do your part to help out and watch Chuck on Mondays at 8 on NBC. You have my guarantee that you will find something to like.

Source: NYU Local

Feb 2010
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“Chuck” returns at 8 p.m. ET Monday (March 1) on NBC.

There are lots of things to like about the 60-second promo for “Chuck’s” return next week: the “Superman” movie-style titles at the start, Chuck (Zachary Levi) doing various superspy things and a possible Jeffster! sighting, among others.

But what really pops out comes just about halfway through the spot. Chuck pulls out one of Casey’s (Adam Baldwin) teeth. With pliers.

Yeah, we want to watch that.

Other things of note: Yvonne Strahovski, Kristin Kreuk and Brandon Routh all in various states of undress, a tiger, Casey doing physical harm to Morgan (Joshua Gomez) and Chuck training a rifle on Routh’s character, Shaw. Jealous much, Bartowski?

Source: Zap2It.com

Feb 2010
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Miranda Lawson (Yvonne Strahovski)

Class: Sentinel (tech, biotic, pistol, heavy pistol)

Born on Earth, Miranda comes from a wealthy background. However, underneath her opulent upbringing lies a woman who is calm, collected and driven to accomplish her mission at any cost. She is quick to judge and values her goals more than people. Miranda is also a powerful biotic and tech specialist. Her unique combination of talents allows her to overload enemy shields, leaving them open for a follow-up biotic attack. Early in her life she approached Cerberus and the Illusive Man, and she is now devoted to their cause. She does what needs to be done in order to further Cerberus’ goals.

Feb 2010
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Bioware released a launch trailer for Mass Effect 2, which in several moments, you can see Miranda Lawson (Yvonne Strahovski.) We will be uploading screencaps of Chuck, Mass Effect 2 and more once the gallery has been upgraded with a new layout.

Click here to download this trailer from their official site. (Direct link)