Apr 2010
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Yvonne Strahovski has been sleeping a lot.

Sarah Walker, her character on “Chuck,” is certainly a woman of action — when not busting up spy rings, she’s often busting the heads of villains with her wicked fighting skills.

But since the third season of the NBC spy show wrapped production three weeks ago, Strahovski has been taking a break. Being Sarah is hard work.

“After eight months of ‘Chuck,’ it really takes it out of me,” the actress said in a Monday phone conversation.

She doesn’t have any firm post-season plans — there is one potential project in the works, but she couldn’t say what it was. But she will be heading to to her native Australia soon for the premiere of a film she appears in, “I Love You Too” (to answer your next question, she thinks the film will get released in North America but she wasn’t sure).

In the Q&A below, the actress answered some burning questions I had (and a few that fans had) after Monday’s pivotal episode of the show, which returns with six new episodes April 26. Questions are in bold type, answers are in regular type.

By the way, the interview with “Chuck” executive producer Chris Fedak that is referenced below is here and here.

What did you think of how Chuck and Sarah finally got together? Was it a relief? Was it a big deal in terms of your character?
Yeah, I think it’s a huge relief for everyone. It’s like the natural progression of what should happen. I think there’s only so many times we could drag it out where they didn’t [get together]. There are only so many obstacles Chuck and Sarah can face. I think it’s really great and I think the fans are going to love it.

I think there was a pent-up demand among the fans for this to happen. There was a big to-do when Sarah and Shaw got together. Is that something you followed at all, or is the online chatter something you try to stay away from?
No, I hear about it. I don’t really go online a lot, I didn’t read about it but I’d heard that [some people] were very unhappy about the love interests that both Chuck and Sarah had, both Shaw and Hannah. People were unhappy.

It’s just hard for us as viewers sometimes, I think, because Chuck and Sarah have such chemistry — it’s harder for us to invest in the new character.
There’s a lot that we’ve invested in those characters, and so when somebody else comes along, there’s got to be a pretty good reason to start to invest in somebody else. I can understand how it could be hard for the viewers to watch it.

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Apr 2010
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I’ve added more four stills from the episode 3×12 ‘Chuck vs The American Hero’ to the gallery:

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x004 | Television Series > “Chuck” > Season 3 > Episode Stills > 3×12 – Chuck vs The American Hero

Apr 2010
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One thing that TV fans love to do is create their list for “My Favorite TV Shows of All-Time.” Every few years I calculate mine, and for several years, the list didn’t change that much.

Oh, maybe a couple of shows switched places or maybe a show dropped from number five to number eight, but for the most part the list stayed the same. That all changed a couple of years ago when I had to add both ‘Mad Men’ and ’30 Rock’ to the list. I still haven’t figured out which two shows in the top ten I’ll have to take off.

I’ll also have to add a third show to that list, and that would be NBC’s ‘Chuck’ (tonight at 8 on NBC). I don’t know if it wedges its way into the top ten, but it’s definitely top twenty. Here’s why.

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Apr 2010
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Last night Yvonne appeared at G4’s Attack of the Show, below is the interview:

You’ve fawned over her in the hit series, ‘Chuck’ and you’ve tried to sleep with her on ‘Mass Effect 2’. Yvonne Strahovski sits down with Chris Hardwick to talk about being every nerd’s wet dream, crazy fan encounters and April Fools.

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Mar 2010
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Keep “Chuck” on the Air! NBC’s quirky super-spy show may be canned after this season–unless it gets some serious support from the fans! Chuck needs YOUR help to get a 4th Season.

E! Online‘s annual Save One Show–your chance to rescue your favorite endangered series from cancellation–begins right now, so please go there and vote for CHUCK!

Mar 2010
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Two new stills from the episode 3×12 ‘Chuck vs The American Hero’ have been added to the gallery:

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x002 | Television Series > “Chuck” > Season 3 > Episode Stills > 3×12 – Chuck vs The American Hero

Mar 2010
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Yvonne is also featured in the latest issue of French magazine Gala, scans and gorgeous outtakes have been added to the gallery, enjoy:

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